Homework and Content Study



We will have a Halloween celebration in class at the end of the day on October 31st. The children will watch the movie Hocus Pocus. You may send in a small treat/treat bags for them to share with the class. J Boo!

 I have added the days of the week that the homework (HW) will be issued on so it will be easier to track throughout the week.

Please make sure that your child is bringing their science and social studies spirals and textbooks home to review nightly.

Our field trip to the Detroit Historical Museum is Friday, October 27th. Send a lunch with your child, brown bag so leftovers can be tossed. The students may dress down for comfort.  Chaperones please ride the bus with us; we will be leaving around 9:15 am.


Spelling: Unit 7: Long vowel /o/

Hw wb page 53 Monday

Hw wb page 56 Tuesday

*Test Thursday


English/Grammar: Nouns

*Test Monday: nouns (PPAT), common/proper, singular/plural


 We will continue with Nouns: Singular and Plural possessive

Hw wb page 26 monday


Writing: Bump in the Night (Completing)


Math:  Chapter Two: Adding and Subtracting Concepts

HW page 21 on monday

HW page 22 on Tuesday

HW page 23 Thursday

*Test will be Wednesday, November 1st

Simple Solutions


Science: Unit A: Life Science~

Chapter 3: Ecosystems

Lesson 2: How does energy flow in ecosystems?

GI: What do decomposers do? Experiment! J

Lesson 3: How does matter flow in ecosystems?

*Test will be Tuesday, October 31st.



Reading: No story this week

Reader Response: Making Connections

Simple Solutions


Social Studies: Chapter 2: Looking at Regions

Lesson 2: Other kinds of regions

Hw wb page 21 Tuesday, if not completed in class

Skill: Use a land use and resource map

Hw wb page 22/23, if not completed in class

Lesson 3: Regions Change and Connect

Hw wb page 24, if not completed in class



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