Homework and Content Study



October Social studies globe project is due October 15. 

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This weekly schedule may change due to the students abilities. They are still learning the day routine and are adapting to being in the classroom. :) 


Spelling: Unit six: Review of Vowels

Monday hw: page 45

Tuesday hw: 

Wednesday hw: 

Test Friday 


English/Grammar: Identifying Adjectives

Writing: Writer's Notebook, Spooky story

We are working on Main Idea and Topic Sentence


Math:  Chapter Three: Adding and subtracting with Regrouping 

Monday hw page 26

Tuesday hw page 27

Wednesday hw page 29

Thursday hw page 30

Friday hw page 31

We will do SS (almost) daily  


Science:  Chapter Three: Ecosystems

Earthworm habitat and investigation

Skill: How to read science

Lesson 1: What are the parts of an ecosystem?

Lesson 2: How does energy flow in ecosystems?

Weekend HW due Monday October 15....(find 3 facts on spiders)

Science project requirements coming home this week!


Reading:  Charlotte's Web novel study

 Chapters 6-11

Test Monday 

Our next test will be over Chapters 12-22 (October 26)

We will do SS Reading (almost) everyday


Social Studies:  Chapter Two: Looking at Regions

Skill: Use a land resource map: US products

Chapter two review

Test Wednesday

We will start:  Regions of the USA

~This material is covered in the textbook but the students will 

be using reading materials that I will be giving them. 


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