Homework and Content Study


Notices:  Thank you parents for chaperoning our class at the zoo! The students had so much fun! :)


Spelling: Unit 31 Words with /sh/ and /zh/

*Test Friday


English/Grammar: Chapter 5: Verbs

Lesson 7: Subject and verb agreement (singular and plural)

*Test Thursday

Writing: Poetry and Writer's Notebook


Math:  Chapter 13: Decimals

Tuesday chapter review

*Test Wednesday 

WE will start Chapter 11: Perimeter, Area and Volume

Simple Solutions 


Science: Unit B: Earth Science~

 Chapter 10: Using Natural Resources

**Test Friday


Reading: Novel study of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane!


Ongoing activity: character traits, mood/emotions and setting

Comprehension guide questions: chapter 24-27

*Test Friday over chapter 24-27

Choice board

Simple Solutions Reading 


Social Studies: Unit 5: The West

 Chapter 12: Pacific states

Lesson 5: Oceans around the World

**Test will be June 4th


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