Homework and Content Study


Notices:   January 14-18

Anne Frank play permission slips due January 14th. Thank you!

This weekly schedule may change due to changes in the school day.  


Spelling: Unit 14: More letters than sounds

Monday hw: connect to vocabulary page 97

Wednesday hw: word hunt page 99

Test Friday


English/Grammar: Unit Two:Concrete and Abstract Nouns

*Test Friday

Writing: Writer's Notebook


Math:  Chapter Six: Measurement

Monday hw page 75 customary unit of wt.

Tuesday hw page 76 Measuring in metric units, cm

Wednesday hw page 78 metric units of capacity

Thursday hw page 78 metric units of mass

Friday hw page 80 Temperature

We will do SS (almost) daily  


Science:Chapter 6: The water cycle and weather

****Study notes DAILY*****

Guided Inquiry: How does water change state?

Math in science: Graphing temperatures

Test Thursday

Chapter 7: Hurricanes and Tornadoes





Biographies: The students are doing a lap book on their biography. There will be a presentation January 25~the students will become their character and present them...from 9-10 a.m., feel free to attend!

For homework they need to work on their presentation, written in first person! Points to hit: Who they are, what they have done in their career or what makes them notable.

 Short story, The Family Under the Bridge

*Test Friday

We will work on story elements as we read through and the students

will use their binders to collect their activities/projects

We will do SS Reading (almost) everyday


Social Studies:  The Southeast

The students will be using a study packet and printed materials that I give them. 

~land and water, climate, products and natural resources, landmarks

*Test Friday


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