Homework and Content Study


Classroom Happenings for the week of: November 11-15

Notices: The Charlotte's web diorama due date has been changed to November 25

This weekly schedule may change due to changes in the school day.  


Spelling: Unit 9: Dipthongs /oi/ /ou/

*Test Friday


Grammar: Prepositions

Writing: Daily Life, Free Write

Mini lesson:

Writer's Notebook


Chapter 4: Multiplication by 1 and 2 digits

Friday: hw wb page 43 Multiplying three digit numbers

Monday: hw wb page 44 Multiplying Money

Tuesday: hw wb page 45 Multiplying 4 digit numbers

Wednesday: hw wb page 46 Patterns in Multiplication

Thursday: hw wb page 47 Estimating Products

Friday: hw wb page 48 Multiplying 2 digits

We will do SS (almost) daily  


Science:Chapter Five: Systems of the Human Body

Concept Web

How to read science:(Skill) Drawing Conclusions: Building strong bones

Lesson 1: What are the skeletal and muscular systems?

Directed Inquiry:  How does shape affect bone strength?

Lesson 2: What are the respiratory and circulatory systems?

Lesson 3: What are the digestive and nervous system?

Lesson 4: How does the body defend itself?

Classroom group project:

Time Magazine: Our Planet (Earth in 2050 Map skill)



Reading: Charlotte's Web

**Test Friday over Chapters 12-22



Reading Reflections~

Chapter questions: essay

Story elements: foreshadowing

Reader Response: My Favorite Part, A Different Ending


Choice Board:End of the Book

*Diorama Project coming home! Due date Friday, November 25th.

We will do SS Reading (almost) everyday


Social Studies: The Northeast Region

****Your child should be studying their notes DAILY

Chapter 4:

Lesson 1:Mid Atlantic States

American Revolution

Reading Skill: Identifying fact/opinion

Map and globe skills: Use a road map and mileage table

Lesson 3: Cities grow and change

Time Magazine: Choose to Be Kind

 The students will have a packet with information about the region given to them in class. They will use the packet to learn about the region, then it will be returned to me. They will not be allowed to write in the packet. In addition to the packet, they will receive a study guide to work through, which will be theirs to keep, please study this daily with them as the information in the study guide will prepare them for the test.
The students will be putting their text books on the shelf and will not be used until we are ready to learn about the history portion of the region.


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