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Classroom Happenings for the week of: September 23--26


Please send in a Webster pocket dictionary for your child if you haven't fulfilled that request from the class supply list. It is necessary for your child to be able to complete their work when doing vocabulary. The old dictionaries in the classroom are not sufficient.

Please pick up a medium to large, round pumpkin for your child. We will be using them for social studies in a couple weeks. Do not send them to school, the project will be done at home and they will bring them to school once completed.

Field trip permission slips/money are due on Monday, September 23.

There is no school on Friday, September 27, due to a teacher professional development day through the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Cold weather is coming! If you're looking to get some Bengal wear for your child, please refer to the email notices coming from the office. There are links to order/print off order slips. If you need assistance please see Mrs. Carly Paul in the office.

Thank you to all the parents that were able to make Meet the Teacher night. I enjoyed the conversation and am looking forward to a great year!

Please return the last page of the Student Handbook if you have not done so yet.

Your children are wonderful and are doing their best to acclimate to being back at school. Please ask them daily how their day is going and let me know if there are any problems or concerns.

This weekly schedule may change due to changes in the school day.  


Spelling: Unit Three: Long /a/ a, ay, ai spellings

*Test Thursday


Grammar: Verbs

*Test Monday

We will start Adjectives


First Thought List...the kids love this!

Hello Fall!

Writer's Notebook


Math Chapter 1: Place Value

Monday: hw wb page  no math, Windy City Players performance

Tuesday: hw wb page  Chapter Review

Wednesday: hw wb page

Thursday: hw wb page 

Friday: hw wb page 

*Test Wednesday

We will do SS (almost) daily  


Science:Chapter Two: Energy from Plants

*****Your child should be studying their notes DAILY

*Science animal project due Thursday, September 26th..class presentations

How to read science:(Skill) Drawing Conclusions

Lesson 1: What are plant characteristics?

Directed Inquiry: How can you show that a plant needs light?

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:

Lesson 5: 


Reading: Charlotte's Web

Chapters 5-9 (Read and discuss)

Reading Reflections:


Chapter questions

written response


Choice Board activity

We will do SS Reading (almost) everyday


Social Studies: Chapter one: Our country's geography

****Your child should be studying their notes DAILY

Time magazine: Rain forest (creating a news letter of facts)

Chapter Review on Wednesday

*Test Thursday

We will start The Northeast Region

 The students will have a packet with information about the region given to them in class. They will use the packet to learn about the region, then it will be returned to me. They will not be allowed to write in the packet. In addition to the packet, they will receive a study guide to work through, which will be theirs to keep, please study this daily with them as the information in the study guide will prepare them for the test.
The students will be putting their text books on the shelf and will not be used until we are ready to learn about the history portion of the region.


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