Homework and Content Study


Notices:   May 20-----May 23 

Wednesday May 22 is the Memorial Day program at 2:15. The students will be reciting the poem, I Came to Visit You Today.


May 29th Zoo field trip~parents, please consider riding the bus so we all arrive at the same time.

This weekly schedule may change due to changes in the school day.  


Spelling: Unit 30: Review of units 25-29

*Test Friday


English/Grammar: Unit 3 Review

Comparative/superlative, conjunction sentences, subject/predicate, pronoun/antecedent, simple  and compound sentences, capitalizing titles

*Test Friday

Writing: Writer's Notebook

Writing: April is Poetry Month!! We will be writing poetry all month, and we will create

a book of our poetry when we are done.


Noun and Adjective



Chapter 10: Geometry

Monday hw page 121 parallel and perpendicular lines

Tuesday hw page 122 Circles

Wednesday hw page 123 polygons

Thursday hw page  124 Triangles

Friday hw page

We will do SS (almost) daily  


Science:  Unit C: Physical Science

Chapter 13: Electricity and Magnetism

Math in science: Using numbers to represent electrical charges

Test Review Tuesday

*Wednesday Test


Reading:  The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane:


Test Monday May, 20 over chapters 24-27

Daily silent reading

We will do SS Reading (almost) everyday


Social Studies:  The West

Study guide and review


Before and After reading

Land and water



Natural Resources


Subpages (1): Great Learning Websites