Homework and Content Study


Notices:  We are heading to the zoo! We are going May 22nd. Please plan ahead if you're able to chaperone. 


Spelling: Unit 26: Prefixes

*Test Friday


English/Grammar: Chapter 5: Verbs

Lesson 1: Action verbs

Lesson 2: Being verbs

Lesson 3: Verb Phrases

*Test Tuesday over Lessons 1-3

Lesson 4: Regular and Irregular Verbs

Writing: Poetry


Math:  Chapter 10: Geometry 

Monday hw page 120

Tuesday hw page 121

Wednesday hw page 122

Thursday hw page 123

Friday hw page 124

Simple Solutions  


Science: Unit B: Earth Science~

Chapter 9: Changes in Earth's Surface


Skill: How to read science: compare and contrast

Directed Inquiry: How can you observe a mineral wear away?

Lesson 1: How does Earth's surface wear away?

Venn diagram: weathering and erosion


Reading: Novel study of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane!


Ongoing activity: character traits, mood/emotions and setting

Comprehension guide questions: chapter 9-11

Strategy focus: Extending the text, Asking questions to clarify

*Test Monday over chapters 7-8


Theme 3: Make Yourself at Home

Simple Solutions Reading

Writing: Writer’s Notebook


Social Studies: Unit 5: The West

Chapter 10: The Mountain states

Lesson 2: The Mountain states today

Lesson 3: Mountains around the world

 cutaway diagram *This is on the test

*Test Friday

The students are working on a state brochure during computer class. 


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