Homework and Content Study


Classroom Happenings for the week of: December 9-13

Notices: Science project: The Human Organ is due Dec. 18th.

This weekly schedule may change due to changes in the school day.  


Spelling: Unit 12: Units 7-11 Review

* Test Friday


Grammar: Prepositions

*Test Monday

Writing: Narrative: A Christmas story

Mini lesson:

Writer's Notebook: A Christmas wish list


Chapter 5: Dividing by One digit

Friday: hw wb page 58 One digit quotient

Monday: hw wb page 59 Divisibility

Tuesday: hw wb page 60 Two digit quotient

Wednesday: hw wb page 62 Three digit quotient

Thursday: hw wb page 63 More difficult quotients

Friday: hw wb page 64 Zeros in the quotient

We will do SS (almost) daily  


Unit B: Earth Science

Chapter Six: Water Cycle and Weather

How to read science:(Skill) Cause and effect: Skating on thin ice

Directed Inquiry: How can you make fresh water from salt water?

Lesson 1: Where's the Earth's water?

Lesson 2: How do water and air effect weather?

water cycle poster

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:


Reading: Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web compare and contrast the book/movie

We will start reading  Frindle

We will do SS Reading (almost) everyday


Social Studies: The Southeast Region

****Your child should be studying their notes DAILY

Land and water, climate, products and natural resources, landmarks

We will start working on the southeast Lapbook

The students will begin working on their Southeast state brochure in class

Time Magazine: Eyes on the Future

 The students will have a packet with information about the region given to them in class. They will use the packet to learn about the region, then it will be returned to me. They will not be allowed to write in the packet. In addition to the packet, they will receive a study guide to work through, which will be theirs to keep, please study this daily with them as the information in the study guide will prepare them for the test.
The students will be putting their text books on the shelf and will not be used until we are ready to learn about the history portion of the region.


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