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REMINDER'S; Everyday, students must write down their homework in their planner and have it signed nightly by a parent. All homework assignments are due the following school day. If homework is not turned in on time, students will miss recess for the day and need to make up the missing assignments. Points will be taken off for late assignments.
  By completing all of their homework, they will receive 2 raffle tickets, and for getting their planner signed, they will receive 1 raffle ticket. Students will collect and save these raffle tickets for rewards at the end of each month. I encourage the "Ticket System" so that students may gain more responsibility in their school work and with positive behaviors.


Monday, April 24th

Spelling- Unit 25 - Contractions  pgs. 194-195 

Math- Earth Day Multiplication Worksheet. Solve problems and color.

Chapter 10 - Points, Lines and Line Segments: Workbook pg. 119


Science- Earth Day, Every day! Booklet - completing in class. Due Wednesday.

Social Studies- South Central States Map. Label state names, capitals and abbreviations. Color the map.

Tuesday, April 25th - 

Spelling- Unit 25 - Contractions  pg. 196 

Math- 10-2: Rays and Angles - HW Workbook pg. 120

Reading- Edward Tulane - Answer Chapter 17 Story Questions. Read chapters 19-20 (pgs. 147-158)


Social Studies - Chapter 7: Settling the South Central Region. Read pgs. 234-235. 

Be ready to answer Lesson 1 Review questions #1-6 (pg. 235), in class on Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 26th-  

Spelling- Unit 25: Contractions - Do spelling sentences in cursive using words#1-15, pg. 194

Math- 10-3: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines - HW Workbook pg. 121


English- Contractions WS - Exercise 95 


Social Studies - 

Thursday, April 27th-

Spelling- Unit 25: Contractions - Do spelling sentences in cursive using words#16-30, pg. 194
Spelling test on Friday!!

Math- 10-4: Circles - HW Workbook pg. 122


English- Contractions Packet - pgs. 136, 86 & 102

Science- Chapter 17: Earth's Cycles - Use the glossary to define the 9 vocabulary words on pgs. 490-491.

Social Studies - 

Friday, April 28th- 

No homework!! Have a great weekend!!


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