Homework and Content Study


Notices:  The fourth grade will perform their Reader’s Theater production of Charlotte’s Web on Monday, March 25th at 1:30.  

Our field trip is March 26th!! J

I will not be in the classroom on March 27th.

March is Reading Month! Each student is going for the gold in reading! They are keeping track of the pages that they read during the month.

Every Wednesday: Wear your Country’s Olympic T-shirt to school.


Spelling: Unit 23: Homophones

*Test Friday


English/Grammar: Chapter 5: Verbs

Lesson 1: Action verbs

Lesson 2: Being verbs


Math:  Chapter 8: Fractions


Monday page 102

Tuesday page 103

Wednesday page 104

Friday *Test

Simple Solutions  



Science: Unit B: Earth Science~

Chapter 7: Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Hurricane project due: Monday, March 26

Lesson 1:What are hurricanes?

Lesson 2: What are tornadoes?

Math in science: Ranking hurricanes



Reading: Reader’s Theater: Charlotte’s Web J

Theme 3: Make Yourself at Home

Story: Stealing Home

vocabulary/cause and effect

Simple Solutions Reading

*Test Wednesday over Tourette’s Syndrome

Writing: Writer’s Notebook


Social Studies: Unit 4: The Middle West

Chapter 9: The Plains states

Lesson 1: Earlier days on the interior Plains


Subpages (1): Great Learning Websites